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Local SEO Services on a monthly contract include all content and geo targeted backlinks

Localised search is exactly the same as optimising a site for any key phrase. An SEO key phrase is defined by three words, example SEO service + London.

The important part of the key phrase to look at is the +location. When a website is only concerned with offering products or services in a particular area then the website ceases to be about in this case SEO and becomes a geography website. The website is primarily concerned with finding clients in a particular location. It is not interested in supplying clients in say Glasgow.

This is where is goes wrong

Local SEO optimisation is often a secondary concern, a sort of bolt on to the end of a website where the web designer decides to humour the client and create a number of pages for example seo-services-london.html and seo-services-brighton.html. The pages are often the same with London switched to Brighton and so on.

As these pages are exactly the same the in fact have created 2 poor pages. Google as are all computers are expert at identifying patterns. Google clearly sees that the entire website is promoting SEO services in this case and that the appendage of the two 'local SEO pages' are no more than that.

This does not work because the website in this case is an SEO website and not more in London or Brighton than Google is

Advanced Localised SEO Optimisation

Back to the comment that this is in fact a geography website about SEO and not the other way around, we have to define what a location means in the context of SEO. You may of seen a number of websites that tell you that a location is a tourist resort etc. This is missing the point and misses the context. At VC we are tasked to discover this context and to introduce it into a website where it is reasonable to presume that this site is located in xyz location and that Google should rank it accordingly.

Complete localised SEO service

This is complete localised internet marketing in a nutshell. What is looks like is a process of writing pages on theme and in location and then matching localised backlinks to support the websites claim to this location. It sounds simple but it can become quite complex when a company wants to appear in additional locations to that where they are based.

We have over 14 years experience in doing just that and we are the local search experts. We have optimised and build 100s of location led websites that can be used to support any clients new location pages regardless of location. See results.

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