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Backlink Building Service FAQ

July 12, 2018

We can imagine that you have a number of questions regarding backlinks. What we have tried to do here is list all the common questions we hear every day. Should you have additional questions please contact us or telephone 020 8405 6419.

  1. What are your domain criteria?
  2. Are your backlinks permanent?
  3. Anchor text strategies
  4. Why is it so important to keep backlinking as natural as possible?
  5. Should backlinks be created on theme and on topic?
  6. How long will it take to see results?
  7. One off payment or monthly
  8. Will I get a list of all of the back links built with domains and content used
  9. How many backlinks per day is safe

What is your domain criteria?

All UK backlinks and anchor text we create have to adhere to the following criteria:

1. Be future proof and immune to Google updates
2. Be natural and convincing to both a web user and a search engine
3. Be surrounded by content which reflects the anchor text used and client's services / products / keywords
4. Be from domains with a high domain authority / Moz rank, trust flow and citation flow etc
5. From a domain that has been tested to produce link juice
6. Have been listed positively on a past client's webmaster tools as a backlink
7. Backlink content that has an element of manageability and can be changed to reflect SERPs
8. Have human traffic of over 1000 users pcm (Alexa traffic scores)
9. UK based, no spammy content

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Are the links VC build permanent?

Links as permanent as we can make them. However we do not own all of the sites we put backlinks on.

What we can do is manage the backlink portfolio of clients. If a link is deleted in under a year then we look to replace this link with another.

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Anchor text strategies

What is the correct use anchor text? Changes in Google's algorithm regarding anchor text had some far reaching effects in the world organic search.

What we do here with a client when we are looking after their SEO campaign is to look to agree a core list of keywords. From these keywords we begin to write out suitable content themes and associated keywords, that in the sense would mean the same thing as the core keywords.

Additional information: From research platforms we have derived that natural anchor text would include at least 10% of generic content. This will include 'click here', 'read more' etc.

It is these little tweaks the make all the difference to a successful link building campaign. You may have noticed the absence of endless internal links using the word SEO, SEO services etc within this website, this is done on purpose. Read more.

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Why is it so important to keep backlinking as natural as possible?

What we mean by this really important that all backlinks are future proof. There is no point building backlinks or using anchor text or content that will not stand the test of time can be an easy victim to any improvements Google makes its algorithm.

We build all of our links manually. There is no automation. The problems with automation is a great patterns and as Google is the most advanced software company in the world they are expert at spotting patterns and then penalising offenders.

It's important that the links look right read correctly contain the correct anchor text, the content contained links to other websites; simply put, the link building here's as organic as possible.



Should backlinks be created on theme and on topic?

The basic answer is yes there is an awful confusion about what constitutes on theme and how Google can actually work out and compute the theme of the entire website as opposed to the theme of the section website. Read more.

How long will it take to see results?

This is a good question. Organic search is invariably a question of hurry up and wait. We are working within Google time. What we are waiting for is for all of the web pages which placed a link on to be indexed by Google. We are then waiting Google's index your website and all of your immediate competitors websites.

We then have to allow time for Google's backlink algorithm to make its calculations and to re-score your website and those all the competitors.

This process can take anything from three weeks to 3 months. This is why it is more advisable and more beneficial to a website to purchase an ongoing backlink campaign, where new links are added weekly.

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One off payment or monthly

As organic search takes time it is why it is more advisable and more beneficial to a website to purchase an ongoing backlink campaign, where new links are added weekly. See one off prices.

What this process allows is for the website to organically receive additional backlink strength. As this process is ongoing we know that the overall backlink profile of the website is always improving and this will have an effect of maintaining websites progression upwards in Google's ranking.

Pay monthly: Ongoing link building campaigns start at ?800.00 + vat pcm. Contracts are rolling quarterly with one weeks notice. To enquire click here and we will call you back.

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Will I get a list of all of the back links built with domains and content used

We believe in full transparency. Everything we do from client is noted in worksheet.

All link building campaigns contain a list of domains where we have secured a link, exact URL and the link content that we have written.

Everything can be edited and proof and improved by a client.

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How many backlinks per day is safe

VC manage over 3000 websites from our own publishing network and a number of companies and individual portfolios.

This makes us the largest owner of websites in the whole of Europe.

In Internet terms we are half a grain of sand on a beach. We could build a 1000 new backlinks to a website and it would be a drop in the ocean.

For a backlink to be scored by Google it needs to be indexed. Google crawls different websites at different times and different speeds.

What this means is that a backlink added today could only be discovered in 30 days time.

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The only stupid question is the one you did not ask

If you would like some clarity on your backlink profile and ways to improve it then call a Link Building Consultant with over 14 years experience on 020 8405 6419.

Let yourself be the judge of his experience and SEO expertise. Click here to email.




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