Content Strategies: Costs

Costs of a typical SEO content marketing plan

£1500 pcm buys you expertly written content, perfectly optimised with supporting social media and backlinks aimed at a high Google ranking for over 100 keywords

One of the first stages of all content marketing strategies for SEO is keyword research. Your list of core keywords maybe half a dozen, however the list of total keywords is normally 100+.

An SEO content strategy would aim to create one page for each keyword or keyphrase supported by backlinks and optimisation.

The inital cost of content is approximately £30 a page

This includes research and direction. There is no point in creating content that is NOT both informative, well written and more importantly aimed at convincing the customer to buy.

There is then the additional cost of optimising the content. Optimising the content is not merely a question of going through the content and bold or italic the keywords, it is normally the interlinking of the content and the correct positioning in relation to the core keyword pages or hub pages.

This adds an additional £25 per page added.

Then there is the process of ,adding the content in summary form to social media think Facebook Twitter Google+ etc.; this costs approximately £15 per page. It can be part automated.

Then there is the cost of identifying and securing a backlink to the content from an external website on theme. What we are looking for is a reference or an endorsement. This gives a page of content some backlink juice or weight and improves on indexing time.

This link will require content and correct anchor text to be seen as relevant by Google. This is a cost of £90 per domain, per page.

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Cost of content strategy


The price then is a simple as 100 x £150 equals £15,000

Then there is the cost with the overall strategist who monitors, reports on and devises the complete strategy. He is also in weekly communication with the client. This costs £160 per hour.

On average a client's strategy requires 12 hours of a consultants time a month. This includes management, reporting and creative brainstorming and results analysis.

12 hours x £160 = £1920.00.

The overall figure is approximately £17,000 divided by 12 months = £1416 per month

The completion of the above content strategy means that your business website now has a stake in the sand.

It now contains content which is aimed at every single keyword you could imagine. So whatever a user searches for you have a page to present.

There is a page indexed by Google, specifically aimed at targeting long tail keywords, whilst supporting core hub pages aimed at the most important traffic keywords.

Looking forward, ongoing improvements and planning

The content strategy would then again look at where does the site rank 100+ keywords. Which keywords or key phrases need additional content to further support they Google position.

When studying Google Analytics and looking at the content drill down; questions posed are:

The content strategy is an ongoing process of adding high quality, user-friendly content, that not only educates and entices, but also engages users into the buying process.

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Below is a live extract with permission, where a real content strategy is aimed at a list of keywords and the results.

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