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Believe nothing that we say
until we prove it.
Working with SMEs, VC create
large amounts of web traffic by
translating web information into
a digital format that Google ranks
highly in its index. Simple.

Link Building SEO Agency based in London
Clown free SEO®

We have no salesmen. We rely solely on organic search traffic to grow our business. If we cannot rank our own website in Google, then what possible use could we be to your SEO?

Last Updated: May 17, 2019
Welcome to Vanilla Circus
©. We provide on and off page optimisation to increase your business' website's organic search traffic. This takes the form of content creation, on page optimisation and link building strategies to support your SEO strategy.

Vanilla Circus© Ltd is an SEO Consultancy that generated over 9,730,000 unique visitors for our clients' websites (Jan 2017- Jan 2019) through unpaid search.

It’s best to do one thing really, really well. We only offer Organic Search, no PPC or paid search, nor do we overly advocate Social Media.

We believe that the SEO services we offer are the very best money can buy. See our new Service Level Agreement (SLA) for exactly what you can expect as the 'minimum' level of service as a client. We go to where the converting traffic is.

We go to where the converting traffic is.

Not only do we drive traffic, but we analyse and improve conversion rates through advanced Google Analytics interpretation and the use of creative online strategies.

This is no ordinary technical SEO, this is solution focused work with clearly defined goals.

VC is organic search specialists that respect everything internet

We see being online as an opportunity for companies to earn traffic from anywhere in the world. We are open to all ideas that can attract users to our clients' websites; that can include content optimisation, video or social media, in fact, any concept that is workable, measurable and successful in generating revenue.

SEO Results that speak for themselves

Look carefully at the 'Comp' column. This is the number of competing web pages. We have chosen a number of clients in different industries including manufacturing, retail, B2C, beauty and finance.

We are very proud of our results. Everything we do is documented and sent to clients in a paper report. Click here for an example.

If you would like an SEO company that is expert in organic search and is used to achieving high Google rankings for the most competitive keywords, then please call 020 8405 6419 and ask to speak to Mr Sykes. He is friendly, approachable and always available to speak about new projects.


Six things we talking about today?

What are you searching Google for right now?

An SEO expert to plan your digital strategy?

We work with a number of companies that have their own in house SEO capabilities.

Here we provide a consultancy service that concentrates on direction and strategy rather than words, links and optimisation.

We prefer the phone to email; if we do not think we can help you then we will say so immediately..

UKWDA members


Backlink Building to support your own content
Backlink Building to support your content marketing

VC work very differently from other backlink building companies and are trusted to build links for large PLCs, Philips and Tesco as well as a host of SMEs.

Known for our attention to detail and future proofing there has NEVER been a case of a VC client suffering a penalty. More.

Nominet member since 2010

Or something free?
Or something free?

The first half hour's consultancy is free. Telephone 020 8405 6419.

Available weekly between 10.00am - 1.00pm. A Consultant will walk you through your website's SEO strengths/weaknesses and offer any advice and possible improvements.

Workshop:  if you are running a project or simply want some free SEO advice then we run a workshop on Friday afternoons please telephone and after 3.00pm. This is a really popular service, so there might be a wait time.

Our Clients: you'll find yourselves in good company